From Galactic Spaceship Rings to Villainous Sci-Fi Earrings

 - Sep 10, 2015
These examples of Star Wars jewelry include pieces that are ideal to wear to the latest Star Wars film debut. While 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' doesn't hit theaterss until December 2015, you can display your sci-fi pride with a few of these Star Wars accessories.

While stormtrooper stud earrings are a blend of classy and geeky styles, the Boba Fett earrings allow you to release your inner Bounty Hunter. If you prefer rings over earrings, Paul Michael Bierker's Bounty Hunter ring is the perfect piece for fashion-forward Boba Fett fans.

In addition to traditional rings, these examples of Star Wars jewelry also include sci-fi engagement rings.'s C3-PO wedding band perfectly accents its R2-D2 counterpart while Paul Michael Design's sci-fi wedding rings mimic the iconic Millennium Falcon spacecraft.