From Mushroom-Shaped Sweets to Confectionery Burger Recipes

 - Jul 12, 2015
These deceptive desserts are the perfect way to hide your favorite treats from your friends. Designed to resemble a completely different dish, each of these culinary confections will make you think twice before you take a bite.

One of the most fun ways to play with deceptive desserts is to disguise a sweet treat as a traditionally savory dish. With expert decorating skills you can easily turn a dessert into a tasty looking entrée. Some of the best examples of deceptively savory treats are cakes disguised as bowls of ramen noodles, cookies intended to look like burgers and candies shaped like mushrooms.

For something even more deceiving, you can also turn your treats into inedible objects. Ensure that no one will steal your snacks by turning your tasty confections into everyday objects such as plates, coffee cups or even cacti. While these inventive recipes may require a little bit of extra decorating time, they provide a fun way to reinvent classic desserts.