These Decorated Cupcake Treats Boasts Traditional Art Motifs

These decorated cupcake treats are the work of talented baker Akina Matsuhira, who creates gorgeous desserts that are inspired by her Japanese culture. The baker is a cake decorating graduate of England's Brooklands College and is known for creating edible masterpieces that reference her heritage and its artful traditions.

Whether adorning her decorated cupcakes with fans, bows or winged bird creatures, the artist takes custom desserts to a new level. Her groundbreaking treats are almost too beautiful to consume and are sure to impress those given the privilege to taste them.

Akina Matsuhira's beautiful cupcakes are also adorned with realistic floral forms that have been intricately crafted using molded sugar. Those with a sweet tooth will love these desserts and may even be inspired to bake their own sweet masterpieces.