From Meaty Cotton Candy Confections to Realistic Ballon Animals

 - Aug 24, 2015
The end of summer is around the corner, so why not take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with carnival-themed creations? Carnivals are no longer just for kids, they now attract a diverse range of visitors.

Classics like candy apples and ice cream are no longer served by themselves, but have become the inspiration for a long list of carnival-themed products. Another carnival feature would be the wacky food creations that often meld sweet and savory flavors. Meaty cotton candy combines sweet candy floss with pork belly in the center, creating a unique flavor explosion.

Additionally, prizes and toys have also been improved, often with bigger, more impressive souvenirs for guests. Realistic balloon animals take carnival-themed giveaways to the next level by adding features like fur, skin and scales.

It's becoming much more common to see carnival-themed products in every day life.