This Halloween Cupcake is Decorated to Look like Bubbly Witch's Brew

 - Sep 18, 2014
References: foodnetwork & foodnetwork
If you're already starting to think about Halloween cupcake ideas for fall this charming bubbly cauldron cupcake featured on the Food Network website thanks to a submission by Lina Nykorchuk is a great decorative cupcake to make for a Halloween party. The cupcake truly does look like a witch's mythical black cauldron filled with a mysterious potion.

In folklore and legends witches are often associated with the dark arts and brewing mythical substances in big black cauldrons. This cupcake is made from adding a sliced cake donut overtop of a chocolate cupcake to create the cauldron's base. Then the cauldron is topped with a black licorice handle, green cotton candy for smoke, green icing to represent the potion and a pretzel stir stick. Add a few red sprinkles along the base of the cake donut to represent the fire.