- Oct 19, 2015
These festive Halloween desserts are the perfect confections to indulge in this Halloween. While trick-or-treaters make their rounds, stay in and enjoy these tantalizing sweets.

Creepy and delicious, How to Cake It's 'Red Velvet Brain Cake' is the perfect dessert for anyone dressing up as a zombie, whereas She Knows' colorful Ghost Meringues are fit for fans of the Casper film.

A line of cake pops are also included within these festive Halloween desserts. While spooky Hello Kitty pops and Bakerella's vampiric cake pops are more adorable than scary, Love Meagan's ghostly cake pops are sure to strike fear into hearts.

These festive Halloween desserts go on to include faux blood confections such as blood slide lollipops and blood splatter cookies.

From Delicious Undead Candy to Mummified Cookie Pops: