These White Meringue Peaks are Transformed into Spooky Halloween Ghosts

Just in time for the Halloween season are these delicious homemade meringue cookies decorated to look like adorable mini ghosts. Thanks to the peak-like shape of these sugary cookies, these edible ghosts look perfectly ghoulish.

Meringue cookies are an easy to make sugar cookie made from egg whites, granulated sugar and cream of tartar. The eggs are whipped up to add air to the batter and the addition of cream of tartar will ensure that these cookies are extra fluffy and that they stand upright properly. The mixture is then placed into a pipping bag and squeezed out onto a sheet into a circular motion to create the shape of the body before baking. The curled peak of the meringue makes the ideal head for the ghost that can be accentuated with black icing eyes and widely opened mouth.