From Caramel Apple Pizzas to Peachy Prosciutto Pizzas

 - Jan 31, 2016
Though it is widely believed that vegetarians only eat pizza loaded with vegetables, these meatless pizzas challenge the aforementioned stigma. From summery pizzas to autumnal squashed-filled ones, these creations are sure to please carnivores, vegetarians and even vegans.

While pizza is enjoyed all year round, the Minimalist Baker's Squash Pizza and Vegan Richa's Pumpkin Pizza are the perfect meals to enjoy during the fall. For a sweet and summery treat, Grilled Watermelon Pizza and Flatbread Veggie Pizza are both bursting with color and bold flavors.

These meatless pizza go on to include pizzas that can be enjoyed as dessert. Grilled Berry Pizza makes the perfect side to vanilla ice cream where as a Caramel Apple Pizza is a modern upgrade to the conventional apple pie.