The Homemade Pizza is Topped with Nectarine, Cured Ham, Mint & Gorgonzola

 - Aug 15, 2015
References: nytimes & 10thkitchen
If you like Hawaiian pizza (pineapple and ham toppings), you should try this nectarine and prosciutto pizza. Created by 10th Kitchen, the recipe is a fun twist on the fruity pizza. It also has mint and gorgonzola cheese.

Using a New York Times recipe for homemade pizza crust, you can create this nectarine and prosciutto pizza. This involves kneading the dough with a food processor, freezing it overnight before making the pizza the next day. For a truly decadent touch, you can add a drizzle of honey over the whole pie. The shredded mozzarella cheese is the only traditional thing about this pizza.

If you want to surprise and delight at dinner, this dish is the way to go.