From Superfood-Growing Juicers to Solar Cooking Tables

 - Aug 30, 2015
The act of cooking food over heat, storing vegetables and brewing coffee all seem familiar, but some of the most popular August 2015 kitchen ideas suggest improvements to the way these processes are carried out. La Denise is a system for storing fruits and vegetables without electricity, while Dazin is prized as a clean cookstove that emits absolutely no smoke. Another example that does away with what seems like an essential is the Little Dripper, which makes an eco-friendly pot of coffee with a pour-over system.

Improvements to the kitchen can also be seen in upgraded appliances, tools and work surfaces like the Stingray BBQ multi-tool and the FRANKFURTER BRETT cutting board. In order to foster quality time between friends and family members, one of the placements from IKEA's new Sittning collection integrates a pocket for phone storage.

By adding an unexpected element to devices used in daily life, the top August kitchen trends succeed at bringing more enjoyment to the experience of cooking and eating.