This Summery Grantia is Perfect for Ice Cream, Seafood and Cocktails

 - Jul 27, 2015
References: chefsteps & foodrepublic
With this recipe, ChefSteps reveals the secret to making super easy and tasty summery granita. This side dish is traditionally served in restaurants to elevate seafood options like oysters, but it can easily be made at home as well.

There is no trick to this recipe, all it takes is a preferred beverage, which can range from wine, beer, pop or juice. Start by pouring this beverage into small container and adding salt, pepper and a bit of citrus like lemon. Then just freeze this mixture overnight. When the summery granita is ready and frozen, simply scrape the top so it becomes a snow-like dish.

This granita can be the topping of seafood, the base of a slushy-like drink or an easy homemade dessert. It looks fancy and it takes very little time to prepare.