From Mobile Champagne Bars to Honey-Sweetened Water

 - Jun 28, 2015
The top June 2015 drinking ideas reflect the beverage industry's desire to make the process of drinking more experiential. As consumers become more adventurous, they search for restaurants and bars that provide some sort of thrill. This could be achieved by something as simple as a pop-up location, or something as big as a top-to-bottom theme. Whatever the thrill, it's clear that going to a friendly neighborhood pub for a pint isn't going to cut it anymore.

In terms of non-alcoholic beverages, brands are continuing to accommodate the heath wave by swapping refined sugars with a wide variety of natural sweeteners. Honey, maple and coconut sugars, for instance, are edging their way into the field with major players like Stevia.

The top June 2015 drinking ideas ultimately show that the industry is going the extra mile to cater to consumer preferences.