Brewberry Packaging is Gushing with Whimsicality Through Colors and Graphics

It cannot be denied that Brewberry Beer is packaged differently to competing beverages of this type. Brown or green bottles with distinctive labels are the norm, and this brand serves up a matte white growler with no obvious sticker at all.

Based in Toronto, Catrina Silveira dressed up this delicious alcoholic concoction of dark lager and Canadian blueberries with an opaque whitewash. To this clean and contemporary-looking base, she included a loosely scribbled logo that reads 'Brewberry' in curling cyan-colored loops. Catrina completed her female-focused design with a playful and generous seal over the cap that perfectly matches the bright hue of the cloud-like cursive typography.

The design of Brewberry deserves attention for a couple of reasons: firstly, it's visually endearing; secondly, it separates itself from other brands, demonstrating clever creativity and earning the beverage some special attention.