Ths Simplicity of Wenneker 24 Carrot is Emphazied Wtih Rustic Packaging

 - May 16, 2015
References: wenneker & thespiritsbusiness
Wenneker 24 Carrot Liqueur is a new flavor offered by spirits producer Wenneker Liqueur, offering consumers a beverage that is described with words like crisp, earthy, bittersweet and spicy.

Packaging for the drink plays off of the rustic simplicity of the main ingredient. The jam jar-style container is sold in farm-inspired packs of six, with the idea that consumers can reuse the glass vessels for drinking once finished. Considering that many consumers seek out Mason jars for this exact purpose, this is a clever marketing move on the part of Wenneker Liqueur, especially as many shoppers look out for dual-purpose packaging in order to boost their efforts towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Wenneker 24 Carrot joins an assortment of flavorful spirits from the brand like Ginger, Cranberry, Strawberry, Chocolate and Hazelnut.