From Autumnal Kombucha Sangria to Sparkling Wine Cocktails

 - Jul 22, 2015
These delicious mixed drinks range from fruity sangria recipes to sparkling wine cocktails. While daiquiris and whiskey sours are among the most popular group of mixed drinks, these cocktails are found to be just as buzz-worthy.

Sparkling wine cocktails such as Iamafoodblog's fruit-filled sangrias offer a kick of cinnamon whereas Eating Well's wine cocktails utilize cinnamon honey. For the minimal chefs looking for a rather simple recipe, DIY watermelon cocktails boast the crisp flavor of Pinot Grigio while the strawberry champagne cocktails can be made with the consumer's choice of bubbly.

These delicious wine cocktails also include festive drinks fit for the Holidays. She Knows' white wine cocktail is perfect for a Christmas celebration while a floral champagne cocktail is made for an Easter event.