The Rossini Combines Fresh Strawberry Juice and Bubbly

 - Jul 3, 2015
References: food52
This summery strawberry champagne cocktail is a perfect way to use up the supply of fresh produce you may have acquired in June. A simple three-ingredient cocktail recipe, the fruity beverage is also a highly versatile treat that could be served at a fancy brunch or backyard summer dinner, while also being low in calories.

In order to make a batch of strawberry champagne cocktails at home, one will need to pick up a bottle of champagne, some lemon juice, superfine sugar and approximately one quart of ripe strawberries that have been washed and hulled. Depending on the sweetness of the berries, it may be necessary to increase the amount of superfine sugar added.

A few tablespoons of strawberry puree is mixed with a few drops of champagne in a large wine glass, followed by pouring more champagne over the mixture.