From Boozy Pistachio Eggnogs to Minty Christmas Cocktails

 - Nov 24, 2015
The holiday cocktail is the quintessential feature of any holiday party that takes place once the cold weather hits and, although these beverages are all cold and frosty, will provide a sumptuous treat that fits well with the fare of the season. Christmas parties and holiday celebrations in general are often associated with drinking libations, but there has been a distinct lack of mixology ideas in this sphere until recently.

Everything from infusing martinis with candy cane, to packing an indulgent cocktail with seasonal root vegetable is included in this collection of iced holiday cocktail ideas.

A key characteristic of this collection of holiday cocktail ideas is how they deviate from tradition; while eggnog used to be the only option at holiday parties, now we're seeing consumers getting creative with anything and everything to keep the party going and their tastebuds interested.