This Boozy Beverage Contains Homemade Grenadine Syrup

 - Oct 28, 2015
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This fizzy pomegranate cocktail by Hello Natural is a refreshingly fruity cocktail that will remind drinkers of their childhood and Shirley Temple sodas. The drink is made using a homemade all-natural grenadine syrup made from pomegranate juice.

The cocktail begins with making the homemade grenadine using two ingredients including pure pomegranate juice and a natural sweetener such as Monk Fruit in the Raw. The juice is boiled with the sugar till thickened to create a bright pink cocktail syrup. The fruit syrup can then be used to create a Pomegranate Vodka Fizz combined with vodka, lime juice, sparkling water, pomegranate seeds and lime pinwheels for garnish. Because the grenadine syrup was made from scratch, it makes this cocktail sugar-free and a much healthier sweet-tasting beverage alternative.