This Sweet and Savory Cocktail is Ideal for the Approaching Bitter Months

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: eater
This deliciously fresh and savory cocktail from the 'Black Tree' in New York City's East Village is the perfect beverage for a cool autumn evening. Since the cocktail bar doesn't have direct access to fresh citrus fruits during the cold months, this savory cocktail relies heavily on seasonal fruits and veggies -- like apples.

In the spirit of the season, chef and co-owner Sandy Dee Hall created the "Hall's spiked fig and apple cider." This beverage calls for an apple, some fig, sugar, apple cider and bitters. The bar is also committed to using only local spirits as well, so this cocktail is spiked with Boyd & Blair vodka and Lieb Cellars' Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine.

The bar's all-fresh approach to its menu means that consumers will always have the ability to try new things at the Black Tree.