From Vegetarian Cold Cuts to Nourishing Nut Butters

 - Aug 10, 2016
These nourishing protein alternatives range from vitamin-packed nut butter spreads to vegetarian-friendly cold cuts. When looking at products modeled after cured meats or deli counter favorites like salami and sausages, standouts include banana jerky snacks that replace traditional meat with a plant-based substitute.

Similarly, traditional veggie burgers are getting an inventive overhaul with examples like patties and pepperoni that are derived from soybean and jackfruit ingredients. Additional standouts include portion-controlled or veggie-infused cheese strings snacks along with healthier dessert options like decadent brownies that are actually made with a chickpea base.

High protein legume pastas and cricket flower energy bars round off these protein alternatives and serve as the perfect pre or post-workout pick-me-up or meal options that keeps nutrition, well-being and ultimately sustainability in mind.