Antony & Sons' Dried Banana Snack is a Fruit-Based Jerky Alternative

 - Jan 11, 2016
References: antonyandsons & vegansupply
The 'Cinnamon Banana Jerky' from Antony & Sons is a dried banana snack that offers a meatless way to indulge in an unhealthy snack food. In addition to providing an entirely new texture to snack on, this jerky puts a sweet spin on traditionally savory flavors.

As many consumers seek to replace meat snacks with plant-based options, dried coconuts, watermelon and other fruits are being rebranded as "jerky" in order to appeal to health-conscious shoppers who seek the comfort of familiar food labels.

In past years, many plant-based food producers hesitated to liken products to meat in any way. However, the emergence of all-vegan butcher shops and many mock meat products has caused the public to become more open-minded about trying alternatives to the meat-filled foods they know, especially if they are labeled with familiar words.