The Primal Pantry Snack Bars Opt for Entirely Natural Ingredients

 - Aug 11, 2016
References: primalpantry & foodbev
The Primal Pantry is offering consumers a series of paleo snack bars constructed out of natural ingredients that are clean, healthy and cold-pressed in order to give the most wholesome blend of fruit and nut flavors. The bars offer a high dosage of protein with reduced calories, thanks to the lack of sugar and artificial ingredients found in the bars.

The brand focuses on creating its bars using a process often seen reserved primarily for juicing -- known as the cold-pressed method. This means that the fruits, nuts and seeds found in the bars are bound together using a machine that doesn't require heat -- leaving the ingredients to contain their highest nutritional value. The snack offers a healthy portion of ten grams of protein, along with healthy carbs and fats.