From Community-Focused Coworking Spaces to Coworking Space Management Apps

 - May 28, 2017
These coworking ideas demonstrate a rise not just in nomadic lifestyles and the prevalence of freelancers in the workforce, but also a desire for community and company amongst remote employees. This includes a varied number of interesting coworking spaces as well as different apps and ideas that support this way of working.

Some coworking offices target a particular demographic and hold events, including multipurpose women's clubs like The Wing. Night owl co-working spaces and yogic coworking offices speak even more specifically to personality types.

Coworking ideas such as coworking space management apps, digital nomad chat apps and coworking retreats also support freelancers. Many models also appeal to their wallets including cheap coworking venues, flexible coworking passes as well as donated startup offices.