'The Work Project' is for Those with Flexible Schedules

 - Dec 7, 2016
References: theworkproject & officesnapshots
Based in Hong Kong, The Work Project is a unique coworking office space that was designed by the firm 'Bean Buro'

The space is nothing if not modern, both in the concept behind the office itself and in the design of it. The coworking office has a large open space that is made to look even brighter than it already is with the use of pale wood structures and decor made of a light wood. A lounge area, desks and a bar surround a private meeting pod in the middle of the office which is made of both wood and glass. A series of photos make up part of the office that reflect the space itself, adding a quirky self-referential factor to the office's design. Those who require use of the space are able to book it online, and it offers a highly flexible schedule to accommodate people's changing work needs.

The Work Project is a unique office concept that is open 24 hours a day, suiting the needs of the modern day worker.