From Antioxidant Energy Beverages to Fruity Fortified Milk

 - Sep 30, 2016
From energy drinks to coffee and even milk, many traditional beverages has been transformed into brain-boosting drinks that can help consumers tackle daily tasks. Similar to the way protein-enriched beverages have become a go-to choice for athletes, nootropic drinks have become a popular choice among those looking to improve their cognitive abilities and focus.

One of the most popular beverages to receive a nootropic makeover is energy drinks. These drinks combine the powerful boost of caffeine with other brain-boosting ingredients to give consumers an overall boost. Some examples of these souped-up energy drinks include brands such as Jade Monk, TruBrain and Steaz Organic ENERGY.

However, not all brain-boosting drinks are infused with caffeine. For instance, Nutri-Milk Superkid is a fortified milk product for children that is designed to foster healthy brain development. Another unique cognition-boosting drink is Alpha Wolf, which relies on the power of superfoods to enhance mental focus.