'IdrinQ' is the World's First Drink Designed for Brain Nutrition

 - Jun 15, 2015
References: facebook & trndmonitor
'IdrinQ' is a revolutiony new beverage that is designed specifically for brain nutrition. Scientifically formulated from a combination of L-Arginin and R(+)-alpha-lipoic acid, this brain-boosting beverage promises to help nurture your mind.

IdrinQ was developed by a team of highly trained experts who observed that L-Arginin, R(+)-alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin B complex become depleted in our bodies when we face fatigue or depression. The IdrinQ drink serves as a form of brain nutrition by replenishing these missing components and helping you to regain focus. The company states that with their patented nutritive composition, IdrinQ can help to facilitate idea generation and increase creativity.

While IdrinQ may be the first drink of its kind, its unique brain boosting formula may be a healthier alternative to sugary sodas and highly caffeinated energy drinks.