- Feb 24, 2016
The dietary decisions of a health-conscious parent often have a direct influence on a child's food choices, which is a part of what's making clean snacks for kids so popular. Since many adults are familiar with the benefits that can be brought on by healthy protein bars, superfoods and items enriched with minerals and vitamins, kid-friendly equivalents are being created.

While kids naturally gravitate towards cookies, candies and other snack items that seem to prioritize indulgence over health, parents are being enticed with premium versions of these snacks that feature healthy ingredient additions. For instance, Simply Protein's snacks come in dessert-inspired flavors like Strawberry Vanilla and Banana Chocolate that sneak in nourishing ingredients like chicory root fiber, millet and brown rice syrup.

To further emphasize the wholesome ingredients in clean snacks for kids, brands are making a point to call them out with claims on quality. For instance, Organix Goodies uses a "No Junk Promise," while Graze assures that its kid-friendly snack subscription boxes contain "No Nasties."

From Disguised Vegetable Crackers to Nourishing Vitamin Candies: