This Service Allows Parents to Create Custom Snack Boxes for Kids

 - Feb 2, 2016
References: graze
Popular subscription service 'Graze' is now offering a new option for parents to order custom snack boxes for kids. While there are a number of food-based subscription services for adults, there are few options aimed at children. This new service gives parents a simple and convenient way to delight their kids with personalized snacks.

The new 'KidsBox' option from Graze allows parents to order custom snack boxes for kids on a reoccurring basis. To begin, parents choose four kid-friendly snacks from a wide selection of healthy treats. This option to customize the snack box allows parents to choose treats that will complement their child's taste preferences and dietary needs. Once the snacks have been chosen, Graze will deliver the KidBox with the name of the child written on the front. Inside the child will find each of the hand-picked snacks, as well as a fun activity embedded in the box.

The service ultimately gives parents a hassle-free way to personalize snack time.