From Interactive Science Exhibits to Gender-Fluid Kids Clothing

 - Jun 2, 2016
The modern cool parent is defined by their dynamic approach to cultivating an experience-driven lifestyle for their children, whether that means letting them decorate a pair of their sneakers or keeping an eye on a child's fever via app-connected wearable.

Free from some of the strictness of their parents generation, this new crop of parents actively pursue being the best parents they can be and hope to pass on their modern values, as able to be observed in such ventures as gender-neutral children's clothing brands and kid-friendly urban gardening kits.

Focused on participating in enriching activities that also facilitate familial bonding, the modern parent is eager to explore all options to make sure they are providing their children with all possible resources when it comes to development. As such, modern parents might be found taking family cooking classes, parent and tot circus classes or even taking part in a family yoga and meditation retreat.