This Interactive Child Development Class is Set at the Theater

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the Young People's Theatre in Toronto is hosting a unique child development class. Just as there are many interactive workshops for adults, YPT is creating a session of this style just for babies and toddlers.

In order to cater to its youngest audience ever, 'One Thing Leads to Another' will feature performers that will engage all of an infant's senses with music, visuals and tactile elements. The multi-sensory experience promises to be both educational and entertaining. Even after the show is over, kids and caregivers in attendance will be able to interact with all the objects from the play's stage set.

While there are many classes for parents and kids that put a focus on healthy development, there are a number of them that swap juvenile themes for sophisticated ones. For instance, in the same way that YPT provides kids with an early introduction to performing arts and the theater, NYC's Baby DJ School introduces kids to music beyond their years.