From Maternal Cereal Bars to Immunity-Boosting Vitamins

 - Jun 8, 2017
During pregnancy, it's important for expecting mothers to stay on top of their health to ensure the best for both themselves and their babies -- which has caused these prenatal wellness products to be popular purchases among them.

'Maternitea' is a collection of herbal beverages that offers expecting mothers a convenient range of flavors that aim to benefit them in the pre and post-maternity stages. A few of the blends include 'Claritea,' 'Stabilitea,' and 'Immunitea.' In addition to making it easier for women to find caffeine-free drinks to consume, Maternitea offers a subscription service that allows them to try out different blends which are delivered straight to their doors.

Another nutritious prenatal wellness product are Happy Mama's oat bars, which are full of of calcium, fiber, DHA, and choline -- sources of nutrients that promote the healthy development of mother and child.