Nutrimom's Snacks for Moms Supply Nutrients for Pregnancy and Nursing

 - Nov 13, 2015
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Over the course of the nine long months of pregnancy, working, traveling and exercising doesn't stop for many expectant mothers—in order to cater to women on the go, Nutrimom developed a range of snacks for moms.

These snack bars are designed to support a woman through pregnancy and breastfeeding by supplying her and her growing child with all of the nutrition needed. The Cereal Bars come in healthy flavors like Cranberry & Chocolate, Red Berries, Summer Fruits, as well as Raisin & Chocolate.

In order to meet an expectant mother's pregnancy cravings with treats that are both flavorful and healthy, there are now a number of smoothies, desserts, cereals and snack bars that do the same job as a dedicated pregnancy or breastfeeding supplement formula.