FertileGirl Makes Superfood Bars to Support Women Pre-Pregnancy

 - Mar 10, 2018
References: fertilegirl
FertileGirl makes a plant-based, non-GMO, protein-rich Superfood Nutrition Bar that has specifically been developed for women in the pre-pregnancy stages.

While some tracking apps and at-home tests are beginning to emerge specifically on the topic of female fertility, the issue remains largely unexplored, especially when it comes to packaged foods. As it is ideal to get the majority of one's nutrients from whole foods rather than supplements, FertileGirl offers a snack rather than prenatal vitamins.

The Superfood Nutrition Bar is made of simple, nutrient-dense ingredients like maca, spinach, goji berries, nuts and seeds, making for a bar that's a rich source of calcium, iron, vitamins and omegas. For women who are preparing for pregnancy, FertileGirl offers boxes of its superfood bars as part of a subscription-based model.