- Nov 15, 2018
These gamified health innovations range from from Vaporwave fitness platforms to youth-targeted activity trackers. While examples like Our Body Electric -- an online fitness platform offering 28 minute classes to stream -- appeals to Millennial audiences with neon lighting and a retro 80s aesthetic, the Fitbit Ace is an activity tracker specially engineered for children.

When it comes to medicine intake trackers and reminders, most gadgets on the market can be geared towards an older demographic. Products like 'MEYKO' offer a solution to parents of young children and are disguised as a toy that is app-connected to remind them to stay on top of their medicine schedule. Another standout -- 'Gululu Go' -- is a screen-embedded water bottle for kids that reminds users of the importance of staying hydrated consistently.

60-second mindfulness apps and therapeutic VR games round off this list and speak to consumers' desire to maintain a balanced lifestyle while prioritizing both mental and physical health goals.

From Vaporwave Fitness Platforms to Youth-Targeted Health Trackers: