The 'SoundFIT' Device Helps Users to Feel More Satisfied When Eating

 - Aug 8, 2018
References: yankodesign
Many of the fitness trackers on the market will capture data relating to your activity, but the conceptual 'SoundFIT' wearable takes things in a different direction to help encourage a healthier lifestyle. The device works by being worn on the wrist and enabling users to place earpieces into their ear canal when they are eating. The system will go to work amplifying the sound of your chewing to help satisfy the mind more thoroughly thanks to our inherent human penchant for the crunch effect, which correlates crunchy foods with hunger satiation.

The conceptual 'SoundFIT' system is the design work of Yeji Kim, Ji Yoon Park, Dayeon Lim and Ji Hoon Lee, and offers consumers an upstream way to help maintain health habits to shed unwanted weight.