- Jul 11, 2019
In the fast-expanding digital age, the high-tech bracelet presents the intersection of functionality and aesthetics. There are various products on the market that cater to specific demographics and offer a vast range of services to the wearer — from the more conventional activity-tracking jewelry like the YOCGEM bracelet to the more outlandish dream-hacking product like the InstaDreamer that lets individuals control their subconscious to a degree.

High-tech bracelets can prove to be quite desirable to consumers not only because they enhance convenience, can track activity or assure users are safe through a seizure-detecting armband or a wearable that reports assaults, but also because the device can be seamlessly integrated into the person's day-to-day. The jewelry aesthetic of the high-tech bracelet surely allows individuals to style their pieces, allowing for a subtle, future-forward fashion statement.

From Dream-Hacking Wearables to Safe Sex-Supporting Wearables: