- Dec 15, 2018
For active friends or family, these gifts for joggers will be enough to motivate and push performance to the next level. There are some exceptional examples on this list that go beyond the expected functionality.

In terms of activewear, Emglare's smart clothing collection definitely surpasses traditional breathability and stretch standards. Harnessing the power of tech, the garments include special sensors that are able to accurately track one's vitals to optimize performance. For runners, footwear is extremely important as well, hence the gifts for joggers includes some cutting-edge examples — from AI-powered running insoles to app-integrated performance runners.

Finally, since winter proves to be a tricky season for many athletes, companies like IPO Sports launch apartment-fitting treadmills. The brand's 'Mini Walk' will definitely provide value and convenience for the runner during the colder months.

From High Performance Compression Tights to Illuminated Athlete Indicators: