The 'Freeze Sleeve' Combines Compression and Cold Therapy

 - Apr 2, 2018
References: roguecanada
Cold therapy is a common strategy for reducing pain and swelling in joints and muscles, and the Freeze Sleeve is a convenient, versatile piece of athletic gear that helps to provide that cooling relief. It combines the pressure of a compression sleeve with immediate cooling, allowing athletes to continue playing and competing while attending to their physical needs.

The Freeze Sleeve is a convenient alternative to traditional ice pack wraps. The neoprene sleeve fits snugly around virtually any target area, with different sizes that can fit anywhere from wrists and ankles to knees and thighs. It's filled with an anti-microbial gel that cools in the freezer in just two hours, and it can provide targeted, lasting relief from pain and soreness that athletes will be able to feel right away.