- Dec 8, 2018
For the dedicated athlete, performance-enhancing gifts are the way to go. Whether you are a skier, a golfer, a runner, a soccer player, it is always essential to keep in shape by way of some cardio or weight training.

There are many options on the market for athletic performance-enhancing gifts -- some are tech-enabled, others are not. A great feature of these products is that they are made to be portable and are designed to fit the busy lifestyle of the contemporary consumer.

If the Technogym's connected indoor cycling trainer or the Resolve Fitness' curved treadmill are a little bit too much, there are smaller, more versatile options of performance-enhancing gifts that might fit your criteria. One is the IPO Sports' 'Mini Walk' -- an ultra-compact indoor running treadmill or the totally portable 'Booty LYFT' gym.

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