Tom Brady's TB12 VYPER 2.0 was Developed with Hyperice's Tech

 - Feb 2, 2018
References: tb12sports & hyperice
With only days to go before Super Bowl LII, the eventual recovery process is the last thing on those athletes minds. But when Monday morning does come, both the Eagles' and Patriots' players will be looking to get their bodies back in shape after the grueling punishment of the biggest game of their lives. Every athlete has a different process for recovery, but Tom Brady will be making use of the TB12 VYPER 2.0, a vibrating foam roller developed with technology from Hyperice. And if it's good enough for the five-time Super Bowl champion quarterback and four-time Super Bowl MVP, then it's probably a worthy product.

Self-myofascial release, also known as foam rolling, has become one of the go-to recovery methods for professional and amateur athletes alike. The self-massage technique involves using a foam roller, tennis ball, or even one's own hands to speed up the recovery of muscles after and between workouts. The TB12 VYPER 2.0 takes the concept to the next level. Rather than only massaging muscles with hard foam, the roller has three speeds of vibration intensity built in, helping to maximize the effectiveness of the product by further loosening one's muscle fascia.

TB12 and Hyperice have also partnered to release the Hypersphere, another vibrating recovery tool suited to areas like the lower back. These products have been embraced by Tom Brady and other NFLers like Patrick Peterson, Antonio Brown, and Myles Garrett, as well as athletes in other sports, like NBA players Deandre Jordan and Tyson Chandler and other collegiate and pro players.