- Dec 15, 2018
These gifts for yoga fans are a nice way to encourage someone on their quest to mindfulness. The sport is an accessible and enjoyable way to relieve stress, especially in a climate, where one is constantly bombarded with information and work.

If you don't want to purchase a traditional piece of clothing as a present for your loved one, a good bet would be the tech-savvy Backslash Fit. The product is a self-rolling yoga mat that boasts an Amazon Alexa-Style feature to take the yoga practice to the next level. More sociable and exciting examples of gifts for yoga fans include mindfulness classes that go beyond the traditional programme. From Vinyasa Yoga's 'Wine Yoga Party' to Brrrn's low-temperature yoga classes, the nonstandard combination of activities will sure to be an exciting and new experience.

From Self-Rolling Yoga Mats to Vino-Fuelled Yoga Classes: