'The Whole Connection' is Australia's First Plant-Based Cruise

'The Whole Connection' will be launching in October of this year as Australia's first-ever "plant-based cruise event," promising passengers a unique new way to connect to vibrant health and well-being.

After the luxury five-star cruise ship departs Sydney, guests can expect to get a beautiful look at the Pacific Islands over the course of nine days. Guests will have the chance to learn from workshops and demonstrations, as well as participate in everything from yoga to meditation. The cruise offers an entirely vegan menu to inspire a total health transformation. To inspire guests to be their best selves, The Whole Connection provides the opportunity for passengers to consult industry professionals, experts and speakers to aid in their journey towards optimal health.

With many consumers opting for more active vacations over the cruise ship experience—which often involves laying on the deck in between trips to the buffet—traditional travel experiences are being revamped with an all-new focus on one's total well-being.