RESPA is a Wearable That Tracks One's Breathing Patterns During Activity

 - May 17, 2018
References: indiegogo
As wearables and accompanying apps gain a lot of popularity in the sphere of sports and daily activities, RESPA is the world's first breathing sensor that helps the user focus and meditate on oxygen intake and release.

Due to the fact that breathing is usually a mechanical process, it is hard to determine if we are inhaling and exhaling at the right times during our workout routine. The breathing sensor connects to a mobile application, where users can access their stats.

The tech innovation gives real-time alerts to the wearer during "optimal breathing and fitness zones," provides visualization of oxygen intake patterns and offers guidance. The high-performance version of RESPA also boasts an elevation and motion sensor. The breathing sensor will prove to be extremely valuable during training and mindful workouts like yoga.