These Wearable Patches Aid in Tracking, Sleep-Boosting & More

 - Dec 24, 2018
As an alternative to solutions that are taken internally for everything from pain relief to sleep support, consumers are exploring topical, wearable patches. These health-centric products are capable of providing targeted, comfortable and non-invasive support for a variety of issues.

While some patches take the form of high-tech wearables that track the body's vital signs, others are an entirely natural, drug-free and tech-free way to find relief. Consumers who are troubled by everything from acne and visible scars to poor-quality sleep can now turn to a range of innovative wearable patches as a way to address their individual concerns both day and night.

Notably, some of the brands that have introduced their own wearable wellness products include Gatorade with its hydration-tracking patch and the My UV patch unveiled by L'Oreal.