Innoture's 3D-Printed Radara Micro Needle Patches Address Anti-Aging

 - Jan 27, 2016
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There are countless anti-aging skincare products on the market, but few of them are able to get under the surface of the skin like Innoture's 3D-Printed Radara skin patches.

These 3D-printed polyester skin patches include more than 2,000 microscopic needles that stimulate the production of collagen. No matter how "micro" the needles are, it may seem unsettling to have to apply this patch to the skin. However, the product is designed to be completely painless. By penetrating the outermost layer of dead skin, these micro-needling patches create new channels to rejuvenate the skin.

The crescent-shaped Radara patches are specifically designed to tackle problem areas around the eyes, which often take the form of bags and crow's feet. As well as being non-invasive, these patches present a natural alternative to procedures that involve Botox.