From Scientific Beauty Supplements to Beauty-Boosting Sodas

 - Aug 4, 2017
From beautifying mushroom powders to be added to smoothies to scientific beauty supplements to be taken daily, these drinkable beauty elixirs provide the body with the nutrients necessary to function best in terms of various elements of physical appearance. Often infused with superfoods and adaptogenics, such products and recipes provide a health-driven beauty regimen incorporating natural ingredients and ancient wisdom.

"Inner beauty brand" 24 O’Clock produces two wellness tonics -- one for the daytime (Orzo Coffee Daytime Energy Boost) and one for the evening (Lemongrass Nighttime Sleep Tight). Both products emphasize digestive health and aim to keep customers glowing and feeling their best on the inside and out.

Separately, Cluo is a line of beauty tonic juices designed to improve the appearance of one's skin from the inside out. Harnessing the power of the superfood moringa, this product is ideal for those looking for an all-natural supplement to add to their skincare regimen.