'24 O’clock' Promises to Care for One's Beauty Both Day and Night

'24 O’clock' is described as an "inner beauty brand" that offers two kinds of functional beverages, one to deliver an energy boost and another to induce relaxation at night.

While it is outlined on the bottle that the Orzo Coffee Daytime Energy Boost beverage is best consumed in the daytime between the hours of 9 AM and the early afternoon, the Lemongrass Nighttime Sleep Tight is outlined as a drink for the hours of 10 PM onwards. While the coffee-flavored orzo drink is said to be rich in both amino acids and vitamins, lemongrass was selected for its ability to support healthy digestive system functions; both drinks can be consumed either hot or cold.

The branding and packaging for these functional 24 O’clock beverages developed by the Kingsmen BX Lab. agency emphasizes time as a means of helping consumers to feel their best at every moment of the day.