- Aug 27, 2017
From detoxifying kefir drinks to supercharged hydration waters, the August 2017 beverage trends reveal that consumers are no longer content to sip on fruit juice or plain old tap water.

When it comes to today's beverages, consumers are looking for added benefits that will provide them with more than just a hydration boost. One such product is the Jeeva Naturals King Coconut Waters, which claims to offer the holistic health benefits of Ayurvedic traditions. A similar product is Imbibe Living's Activated Kefir Water, which boasts detoxifying properties.

Beyond health benefits, consumers are also looking for refreshing flavor options that make a drink more interesting and enjoyable to consume. Some examples of flavorful new drink options highlighted by the August 2017 beverage trends include IZZE's sparkling blackberry drink, the Mint Matcha Iced Tea from MatchaBar and Juice Generation's Blue Majik-flavored juice.

From Detoxifying Kefir Drinks to Supercharged Hydration Waters: