'FYLO' Features a Blend of Herbs and Minerals to Support Digestive Health

 - Jul 10, 2017
References: drinkfylo & trndmonitor
'FYLO' is a digestive wellness dietary supplement that boasts a potent blend of herbs and minerals to provide relief from an upset stomach and bloating, and support overall digestive health.

Some of the ingredients from nature in the dietary supplement include chamomile flower, soothing ginger, juniper berry, milk thistle seed, as well as cinnamon bark and peppermint leaf. As the brand notes, "For centuries, cultures around the world have unlocked the power of bitter herbs, the active ingredients in FYLO, for natural remedies that range from promoting digestive enzyme production to relieving heartburn, upset stomach and bloating."

FYLO boasts that its stomach-soothing dietary supplement is free from GMO ingredients, soy and gluten, as well as artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.