Lofberg's ICE Espresso is Made from Natural and Organic Ingredients

 - Jul 18, 2017
References: lofbergs.se & shop.lofbergslila
Consumers seeking an iced beverage that is not overtly unhealthy have that option in the Lofbergs brand's ICE Espresso, a combination of espresso and milk that functions as the ideal summer beverage.

Although the beverage contains espresso, it has a mild coffee flavor that is well-suited to the preferences of individuals who enjoy a less intense flavor than what is often offered in most coffee-based beverages. The ingredients in ICE Espresso are all natural and organic, and its coffee and sugar are FairTrade certified. The sleek can that the beverage is offered in is recyclable, making the product one that both health and eco-conscious consumers can enjoy.

This beverage is best served cold but can be stored at room temperature, and its caffeine equivalent is roughly that of a standard half cup of coffee.